Online Classes

Online classes are running each week as follows:

Thursday 9:30 Pilates (approx 45 mins)

Friday 9:30 Pilates (approx 45 mins)

Friday 11 am Sit to Get Fit (Approx 30 mins)

Classes are limited to 12 people per session and priority will be given to clients who have paid during 2020 followed by former paying clients.

For insurance purposes, you will need to complete a ParQ (Physical Readiness Questionnaire) before joining the session - unless you have already completed one for me in 2020.

No special software is required, however, you will need an up to date browser (Chrome works best).

These classes are being run at no cost to Stonehouse GL10 residents with the hope that at the end of this, those who can afford to pay will pay something towards my costs and I can share any profit with the Churches I normally hire the halls from.

Anyone interested in a "Keep Fit with Kim" 30 minute Aerobics class on a Wednesday morning please contact me via the link on the website.



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